Support the Interstate 81 Corridor Improvement Program and Fund Bill

Interstate 81 is the longest highway in Virginia and a major economic corridor, yet it is in terrible shape. Every year, I-81 gets more congested, outdated and unsafe. We shouldn't stand for it anymore.

  • There are thousands of crashes on I-81 every year.
  • 26% of all crashes involve trucks.
  • Traffic volume on the highway is 50% more than what it was built to handle.

We depend on I-81 each day to deliver goods from Virginia's ports to the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Gulf Coast and Texas. And in Virginia alone, it connects more than 30 colleges and universities, 21 cities and 13 counties. 

Watch the video below to hear how I-81 affects Virginians every day. 

Contact your legislators to support the bi-partisan bill that has been introduced to secure needed funding! Quickly send a message today.

About the Interstate 81 Corridor Improvement Fund Bill
Two bills (House Bill 2718 and Senate Bill 1716) are part of a long overdue plan to improve I-81. Recent polling proves that the majority of residents along the I-81 Corridor want to see the highway fixed, and want a solution now. The tolling was preferred over tax options since it focuses solely on those that use the highway. The bill also includes a proposed $30 annual pass for frequent I-81 travelers!

Fixing I-81 Could Bring Billions in Economic Activity 
A new study shows fixing I-81 would boost the local and statewide economy, create jobs, and funnel money into the communities along the route.

A 60-Year Concern: I-81 History
How long must this problem continue before our elected officials support a fix? 

81 Reasons to Fix I-81
From freight travel to safety to tourism, check out our comprehensive list of reasons to improve I-81.

I-81 Corridor Improvement Plan
View the presentation given at 2018 district public input meetings, from the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment, Virginia Department of Transportation, and Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation.