News and Views : 95 Express Lanes to open as early as December

Drivers encouraged to get an E-ZPass®, make a plan for new transportation option.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the 95 Express Lanes today announced that the 29 miles of high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes on I-95 spanning from Garrisonville Road in Stafford County to the Edsall Road area on I-395 will open as early as December. Drivers are encouraged to learn how to use the 95 Express Lanes now and obtain an E-ZPass so that they can benefit from the lanes when they open.

“The 95 Express Lanes are on track for an early opening which means drivers should start preparing now,” said VDOT Commissioner Charlie Kilpatrick. “The conversion from the existing HOV lanes to Express Lanes will mean changes in traffic patterns, rules of the road and an E-ZPass requirement. The new Express Lanes will impact all drivers who travel on I-95 so it’s important that everyone educate themselves on how the 95 Express Lanes will work.”

When the 95 Express Lanes open, all drivers will need an E-ZPass or an E-ZPass® FlexSM to travel on the lanes. Carpools with three or more people can travel toll-free on the Express Lanes with an E-ZPass Flex set to HOV mode. Other drivers may pay a toll for a faster, more predictable trip. Drivers are encouraged to obtain an E-ZPass in advance of the opening of the 95 Express Lanes.

“All drivers will be able to benefit from the 95 Express Lanes when they open later this year, but it’s important to learn about the new travel option before your first trip,” said Kevin Ginnerty, Director of Project Delivery, Transurban. “Drivers should make sure that they are equipped with an E-ZPass and learn about the Express Lanes via the resources on our website – so they can take advantage of a faster, more predictable trip when the lanes open.”

There are resources available to help drivers prepare for the 95 Express Lanes. Before the lanes open, drivers should:

  • Get an E-ZPass
  • Drivers can get an E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex online at, by calling Virginia E-ZPass at (877) 762-7824 or at an E-ZPass customer service center
  • Drivers can also visit one of the 75 convenient Northern Virginia retail locations to pick up an E-ZPass – including the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, Wegmans and select Giant Food stores. For a full list of retail locations please visit,
  • To learn more about E-ZPass options for the Express Lanes, please visit,


Virginia E-ZPass customers who plan to carpool on the 95 Express Lanes can exchange their standard E-ZPass for an E-ZPass Flex through the following options:

  • Visit and look for "Switch to E-ZPass Flex" on the homepage. Virginia E-ZPass will mail you an E-ZPass Flex and provide you an envelope to mail back your standard E-ZPass
  • Call the Customer Service Center – (877) 762-7824 – a Flex transponder can be sent to you. Virginia E-ZPass will mail you an E-ZPass Flex and you can use the enclosed envelope to mail back your standard E-ZPass. Or you can drop it off at one of the E-ZPass Customer Service Centers
  • Visit one of the E-ZPass Customer Service Centers. Visit to find the Customer Service Center near you For more information on exchanging your existing E-ZPass for an E-ZPass Flex, please visit:


Plan Their Trip:

  • Prepare for new routes: The 95 Express Lanes will bring more direct routes to popular destinations including Fort Belvoir and Potomac Mills. Like today's I-95 HOV lanes, the 95 Express Lanes will be reversible, with the reversal schedule largely following the same process and timing as today. No matter when you travel, remember to pay close attention to on-road signage and gates. Reversal schedule information is available on the 95 Express Lanes website:
  • Learn how to safely use the lanes: The 95 Express Lanes will be easy to use and get drivers where they need to go. However, there are some new aspects of the road that are worth learning about – including the transition area just north of Edsall Road on I-395. To learn how to safely use the lanes, drivers should visit
  • Get answers to questions: For more information on tolling and operations, drivers should visit the 95 Express Lanes FAQs web page –


The 95 Express Lanes rules of the road will be in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Dynamic pricing based on real-time traffic conditions manages the demand for the lanes, keeping the Express Lanes moving. The 95 Express Lanes are being delivered through a public-private partnership between VDOT and Transurban with Fluor-Lane 95, LLC leading construction.

For more information, please visit

For up to date construction information please visit

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