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Route 50 Widening

Route 50 Widening

Route 50 is being reconstructed and widened from four to six lanes between Route 28 in Fairfax to Poland Road in Loudoun (about 3.7 miles). In addition, VDOT is also:

  • Improving traffic signalization.
  • Improving turn lanes.
  • Providing a shared-use path on both sides of the road.
  • Providing crosswalks with curb ramps and pedestrian signals.
  • Widening and upgrading bridges.

West of Route 28, Route 50 narrows from six lanes to four and increased development and congestion in Loudoun County in recent years means traffic backups during much of the day. This project aims to relieve that congestion, provide pedestrian and cyclist accommodations and improve safety along the corridor.

The current project cost is estimated at about $94.9 million:

  • $10.0 million for preliminary engineering.
  • $19.0 million for right of way acquisition.
  • $10.5 million for utility relocation.
  • $55.4 million for construction.

Upcoming Milestones:

  • Switch westbound traffic to final configuration (open three lanes) between Stonecroft Boulevard and Lee Road - Second Quarter 2015.
  • Substantial completion (completion of trails, signals, final paving and striping) -Fourth Quarter 2015.

The Roanoke Times : Virginia plans to pull politics out of transportation spending

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On June 17, the Commonwealth Transportation Board approved Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s proposal to score new transportation projects based on six categories: safety, congestion, accessibility, economic development, environmental quality and land use. This allows project funding decisions to escape some of the influences of politics and be made based on benefits to Virginia.

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