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Editorial: Crumbling bridges still cause for alarm in Va.

A RECENT REPORT that says nearly 650 bridges in Virginia are structurally deficient should be yet another call for action to improve vital infrastructure in the commonwealth. Read More

Report: Deteriorated roads cost motorists more than $1K each year

A new study issued by TRIP Inc. claims that driving on deteriorated urban roads costs U.S. motorists an average of $1,049 annually in additional vehicle repair needs, extra maintenance, higher fuel consumption and tire wear, plus accelerated vehicle deterioration and depreciation. Read More

Safety Improvements Needed to Benefit Virginia

According to recent data from DRIVE SMART Virginia, the entire state of Virginia saw more than 120,000 automobile crashes in 2016. From those accidents, nearly 63,000 injuries and almost 750 fatalities occurred. Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads led the state in number of crashed and number of injuries/fatalities, respectively. NOVA saw the highest number of crashes, with 28,198. Hampton Roads experienced 16,811 injuries and 145 fatalities.

 Road safety improvements must be made for all drivers to decrease the number of accidents, injuries and mortalities. Increased funding for transportation will provide additional resources for safety improvements across the Commonwealth. Safety enhancements can reduce traffic congestion, which in turn can limit the number of traffic crashes, injuries and casualties. Limiting traffic congestion also helps increase safety by allowing emergency vehicles get to their destinations in a more efficient way. Read More