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I-95 Hot Lanes

I-95 Hot Lanes construction

The I-95 Hot Lanes utilize dynamic tolling, which adjusts based on real-time traffic conditions, to keep traffic moving on the stretch of highway between Alexandria and Stafford Counties. These hot lanes also are equipped with video technology to identify accidents and electronic signs to communicate with motorists as well as law enforcement and emergency medical personnel to aid in safety and enforcement.
The I-95 Hot Lanes benefit motorists in several ways, including:

  • Maintaining travel speeds
  • Making travel times more predictable
  • Reducing the number of speed violators

This project spans approximately 29 miles of express lanes along I-95 in four segments. This project, which totaled nearly $1 billion, is completely financed through Virginia’s Private-Public Transportation Act. I-95 Hot Lanes were made available for motorist use as of Dec. 29, 2014. More information about the I-95 Hot Lanes can be found here. : 95 Express Lanes to open as early as December

Drivers encouraged to get an E-ZPass®, make a plan for new transportation option.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the 95 Express Lanes today announced that the 29 miles of high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes on I-95 spanning from Garrisonville Road in Stafford County to the Edsall Road area on I-395 will open as early as December. Drivers are encouraged to learn how to use the 95 Express Lanes now and obtain an E-ZPass so that they can benefit from the lanes when they open.

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Lane closures continue; motorists advised to prepare for express lanes opening in early 2015.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and its 95 Express Lanes partners, Transurban and Fluor, announced today that as 95 Express Lanes construction enters its final months, drivers traveling on I-95/395 in Northern Virginia should prepare for continuing lane closures and traffic impacts. Over the next six months, nearly 1,500 workers will continue to work day and night to complete the 29-miles of new Express Lanes, which are expected to open in early 2015. Motorists are advised to prepare by learning how they may be impacted when the Express Lanes open, and how the Express Lanes will work.

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VBT : Environmental improvement part of 95 Express Lanes project

Stream restoration and tree planting effort benefiting local community completed. Governor Bob McDonnell and Prince William County officials attend ribbon cutting ceremony.

Governor Bob McDonnell joined the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), Federal Highway Administration and its 95 Express Lanes partners, Transurban and Fluor, at a ribbon cutting ceremony today marking the completion of a $1.5 million stream and tree restoration effort benefiting Swan's Creek and the surrounding Southbridge Community in Prince William County. The Governor also was joined by Prince William County officials and neighboring residents as he recognized the largest stream restoration project ever completed in Prince William County - an initiative made possible by the 95 Express Lanes Project.

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