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It's Time to Fix I-81

Interstate 81 is congested, outdated and exceeds capacity.  As Virginia's longest interstate, 60,000 vehicles travel the highway every day. However, it is unreliable for freight travel and dangerous for all drivers, with thousands of crashes each year.

VBT Blog Post : It’s time to pay what is fair

When compared to other states along the east coast, revenue collected from trucks on Virginia interstates is disproportionately low. Through a combination of meager diesel fuel tax rates and bargain truck registration fees among others, Virginia is missing out on hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue year after year. Read More

About the Interstate 81 Corridor Improvement Fund Bill

The bill is a long overdue plan to improve I-81. Recent polling proves that the majority of residents along the I-81 Corridor want to see the highway fixed, and want a solution now.  Read More