News and Views : Rail Improvements Key Part of Effort-Column: Improving I-95 corridor through Fredericksburg and Virginia

From The Free Lance-Star
by Aubrey Lane

Residents and businesses in the Fredericksburg region know firsthand that travel delays on Interstate 95 bring uncertainty, loss of time and huge hidden costs to families and businesses alike.

That is why the McAuliffe administration worked closely with our local, state and federal officials, including House Speaker Bill Howell, to propose the Atlantic Gateway program of road and rail improvements in the I–95 corridor.

Early work is already under-way to add significant new highway and express lane capacity to I–95. With these improvements, much of our major interstate corridors such as I–95, I–395, and I–495 have essentially reached their ultimate footprints where future widening will be cost prohibitive, impacts to communities will be too great or both.

This reality means more needs to be done in the future to take more trucks and cars off of I–95. Improving and expanding freight, commuter and Amtrak rail service will provide travel choices for commuters and businesses alike, and will allow the Atlantic Gateway Project improvements to I–95 to better serve the Fredericksburg region for decades to come. That is why the commonwealth is undertaking the D.C. to Richmond Southeast High Speed Rail (DC2RVA) study of rail capacity between Richmond and D.C.

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