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Hampton Roads and NOVA Speed Ahead with Transportation Projects

While much of Virginia is looking for ways to balance the budgets with enough money to maintain and improve transportation infrastructure, two of the state’s most congested regions are getting ahead thanks to their funding plans. Read More

William E. Harrell: Imagine a plan to transform public transportation

Hampton Roads is lagging in economic growth compared to other regions in Virginia and across the United States. While there’s no one solution to unleashing the region’s potential, maintaining and improving our transportation systems is certainly key. Read More

Bryan Stephens: Solutions for Virginia’s transportation infrastructure

Across the country, states and localities are trying to find money to fix ailing infrastructure. Six states this year have already passed legislation to fund improvements. And nationally, infrastructure has become a rallying cry for policymakers on both sides of the aisle. In Virginia, our biggest infrastructure concern lies in our ability to move around the commonwealth. 

The Hampton Roads Chamber has long been an impactful advocate for improving transportation infrastructure in the commonwealth. The fact is deteriorating roads, bridges and other transportation systems put us at an economic disadvantage. Read More
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