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Virginia's Transportation Progress: 2015 Report

Virginians for Better Transportation strives to keep you informed of the latest news when it comes to the Commonwealth's transportation. Check out our year-end progress report to learn about the largest transportation milestones of 2015.

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From Virginia Business

Since 2013, lawmakers in Virginia have made great strides to improve the state of transportation infrastructure. Through the passage of several major house bills—HB2313, HB2 and HB1887—more funding has been made available for the first time since 1986. A new system of allocation has also been created to ensure that funding is used in a way in which it can benefit the unique needs of Virginia’s many regions. Heavily trafficked regions such as Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads have benefitted from separate funds and the implementation of project oversight groups, which ensure that funding is spent responsibly. Despite taking several steps in the right direction, many of Virginia’s largest transportation problems remain to be solved. Virginia Business has created a comprehensive analysis of what has gone well and what still needs to be done.

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