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What Does Transportation Success Look Like?

In 2012, Virginia faced a serious transportation crisis. Congestion was at an all-time high with our pavements crumbling and hundreds of our bridges being structurally deficient. For more than 20 years, Virginia had not invested any new money to address the crisis. Then, in 2013 the Virginia General Assembly stepped up and provided what Virginia woefully needed—a new transportation infrastructure-funding package (HB 2313)—providing millions of dollars in new funding for transportation.

While the debate for additional transportation funding was happening, one question loomed large—could the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the industry deliver? Moreover, if the Commonwealth committed the money, would we see projects that make a difference?

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Failure to Pass SB 742 Could Mean Higher Tolls for Hampton Roads

At the conclusion of the 2016 Virginia General Assembly, those expecting continued transportation improvements were disappointed by the failure of the House to pass Senate Bill 742.

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