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Virginia Secretary of Transportation: To drive smart, build smarter - OpEd

Hampton Roads enters a new era of multi-modal transportation improvements by making the right investments based on transportation benefits instead of parochial politics.

Before any benefits could be realized, the region had to accept the stark fact that limited resources have consequences. Nowhere is this more evident than in transportation. Case in point: $9 billion in project requests from localities statewide were submitted this fall. Around $1 billion in public funding is available.

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Transportation in Hampton Roads: Moving Forward to Unlock the Region

After decades of gridlocked funding, Virginia’s transportation situation has recently begun improving, particularaly in the Hampton Roads region.

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Relief Finally Ahead for I-64

Anyone who has driven from Richmond to Virginia Beach or vice versa knows that traffic on Interstate 64 can be brutal. Drivers suffer, particularly in the summer months, losing time to jam-packed lanes in one of the busiest regions of Virginia. Thankfully, relief is on the way.

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