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Virginia governor candidate Frank Wagner says transportation, jobs main focus

Wagner said his major focus in the campaign is transportation and calls it the number one issue northern Virginia is dealing with. “It is the number one problem everyone in northern Virginia looks to for a solution from Richmond and I'm the only candidate talking about it.” Read More

The Consequences of Limited Resources, Part 1

While SMART SCALE (HB2) helps prioritize important transportation projects in Virginia, we must acknowledge the hundreds of projects that still can’t receive adequate funding.

This became evident in Round 1 of our SMART SCALE program, where 321 projects were submitted for funding, but only 163 of those could receive the money they needed. That left 158 Virginia transportation projects unfunded.

In Round 2, a greater number of projects were submitted—more than 400—which means that, in all likelihood, even more than 158 projects will have to be turned down this year.

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