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The Consequences of Insufficient Funding, Part 3

Reliable, timely and safe transportation is a fundamental part of a successful life—something the Roanoke Regional Chamber acknowledged earlier this month, when it outlined three infrastructure components considered “critical for economic success.” One of the three is transportation connectivity, with an emphasis on highways.

While Roanoke may not suffer from the same level of congestion as other parts of Virginia, it still relies on transportation infrastructure both within the city and as a means to connect it to the greater Virginia marketplace. And—as Ken Randolph pointed out in a recent article—that relatively reduced congestion can lead to Roanoke’s transportation issues getting overlooked. Read More

Setting the Transportation Standard

Currently, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has the nation’s largest program of improvement projects in progress. With $2.5 billion in projects on the street for all of 2016, the program includes work in districts throughout Virginia, from Hampton Roads to Fredericksburg to Fairfax to Roanoke.

Virginia is leading the way in putting transportation funding to good use with timely projects. Between September 2016 and December 2017, VDOT will have implemented over $4 billion in plans to improve roads and bridges, reduce congestion, aid economic development, and increase traffic flow.

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Project Updates: “I-81, Exit 150” and “Transform 66 – Outside and Inside the Beltway”

We recently profiled the “I-95 Hot Lanes” project as an example of a successful transportation improvement as a result of the passage of HB 2313. Every day, updates are being made on other pivotal projects like this one throughout Virginia. Two additional projects currently under construction and headed toward successful completion are the “I-81, Exit 150” improvement and “Transforming 66 – Outside and Inside the Beltway.”

I-81, Exit 150 in Roanoke

The main benefit of this project is to enhance safety and traffic flow on Interstate 81. The “I-81, Exit 150” project will improve the existing intersection and corresponding northbound movements for I-81. It will also improve connections with routes 11, 220 and 220 Alternate to help improve the traffic flow. Construction began in summer of 2015 and is scheduled to conclude in 2018 for the estimated $46.75 million upgrade.

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