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Virginia Ranked in Top 15 for Unsafe and Fatal Rural Roads

Today the national transportation research group TRIP released a new report focused on the state of rural roads across America, and the results are dismal for Virginians. The report “evaluates the safety and condition of the nation’s rural roads and bridges and finds that the nation’s rural transportation system is in need of improvements to address deficient roads and bridges, high crash rates, and inadequate connectivity and capacity.”

TRIP also ranked each state in three areas: Rural Roads in Poor Condition, Structurally Deficient Rural Bridges, and Fatality Rate on Rural Roads (per 100 million vehicle miles of travel). Virginia is in the top 15 of two of those lists, coming in at 14th for rural roads in poor condition, and 11th for rural road fatalities. Moreover, the rate of traffic fatalities on Virginia’s rural roads is nearly five times higher than the fatality rate on all other roads in the state. Only 10 states have deadlier rural roads. Read More